“Richmond” resonated in the streets of Galle

Richmond Walk 2019″was held successfully on 22nd February 2019, in order to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the Old Boys’ Association of Richmond College. The principal Mr.Sampath Weragoda, past principal B.Suriarachchi and many other distinguished guests participated along with the old boys, staff and students to walk.

Starting around at 8:00 a.m. from the school premise they walked to “Samanala ground” where “Richmond Rhythm”carnival was also set to happen. It was too organized in celebration of 125th anniversary of RCOBA. There the end of the walk was marked the beginning of the Rhythm carnival.

Not only with the Richmond community but also with many enticing items, the extravagance of walk was enhanced. Old fashioned automobiles and horse riders were some of the enticements.Members of all the sports and games and clubs and societies of Richmond College walked with their separate placards. Their voices in a unison, resonated R-I-C-H-M-O-N-D-Richmond”




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