Mr B.Suriarachchi(1979-1986)

Mr. B. Suriarachchi earns a prominent place among the more recent principals of Richmond College, due to several reasons.

He was the fourth old boy of the college to hold the post of Principal.

His career as a student at Richmond began in 1942. As his home was in Baddegama, he was admitted by his parents to the hostel. He was an exemplary pupil, very studious and totally obedient to his teachers. In 1951, he was appointed to the College prefects Body.

He entered the teaching profession in 1954. He served in many parts of the country as an assistant teacher, principal and education officer. He taught at Richmond for few years under the principalship of Mr. Welikala.

Wherever he served, he was able to impress everybody with his teaching skill and administrative ability. His greatest talent was that he was able to g et the best out of his subordinates.

He served as principal of Rahula College, Matara, for a number of years. In 1978 Suriarachchi assumed duties as principal of his old school. 0!d customs and traditions which had been given up were revived.

The English version of the College song was printed and distributed among the children. It was sung on all important occasions. The children were made to wear the College crest , on the school uniform, close to their heart. He saw to it that the ground and class rooms were kept scrupulously clean. Emulating Rev. Small, whenever he saw a piece of waste paper he used to pick it up and throw it into a dustbin.

National customs also received a place under him. The children were made to offer betel to their teachers at the beginning of each school term. The school band was started during his period. Flag hoisting with the band in attendance at ceremonies was introduced by him. Children’s Day and Sinhalase New Year celebrations were started during his period.

Discipline improved considerably under him. A junior perfects’ body was formed by him.

He always stressed the importance of sports and extra curricular activities. Professional coaches were engaged for cricket and soccer. The Science Association, Commerce Association, Hockey and Volleyball received new life under him.

To improve the level of teaching standards, model teaching classes were started.

Mr. Suriarachchi’s success as principal reached its peak when Richmond was accorded the prestigious status of a National School by Government ..

In 1986, Mr. Suriarachchi left Richmond to take up the post of principal of Royal College. He became the second principal to move from Richmond to Royal, after Mr. Welikala.