Rev. Arthur Triggs(1888-1893)

Rev Arthur Triggs was born in Cornwall in England on 25th July, 1864. After commencing his Work as a missionary at the age of 21, he arrived in Ceylon on 10th February, 1886.
At first he was engaged as a teacher at Wesley College , before moving to Richmond in 1888. He was able to offer five years of dedicated service to the College.
He constructed a building consisting of two classrooms in 1889, and till 1927, the kindergarten was housed in these rooms. He enlarged the lower dormitory of the hostel and added a sick room to it. He influenced the publishing of the College magazine regularly and always tried to keep the standard of education high. It could truly be said that Triggs ‘ period was the golden era of College publications and were turning out more magazines and papers of various sections of the College than any other school at that time. Most of these magazines were edited by Rev. Triggs himself.
He was married to the principal of Southlands College which was also administered by the Methodist Mission.
Rev. Triggs bid farewell to the school in 1893, but carried on with his missionary work in Kandy , Negombo and Matara. He was the Chairman of the Galle Methodist Mission from 1900 to 1902.