Rev. H Heartly (1893-1896)

Rev. Horatius Hartley, who took over as principal in 1893, was a person full of ideas and character, who always thought of the future and worked for the future, which was one of his most distinguished characteristics.

He was born in Halifax , Great Britain , on 10th September, 1866.

He joined the Methodist Mission in 1892, and, as was the tradition of those days, launched on a career overseas, arriving in Ceylon on 20th October, 1892.

Before taking over Richmond College , he was engaged in missionary work in Kollupitiya and the surrounding areas. He was the immediate predecessor of Rev. Darrell, who was appointed in September, 1896.

He introduced the maintaining of a register of teachers’ names. He wrote in the first such register.

“This book has been prepared for the purpose of preserving a short record of each College Master in his connection with Richmond College, Galle . It is requested that each master on this staff will furnish the date of his entrance to the College and any other particulars of interest ….”

Having the prize winners’ list on the College notice board was also started during Rev. Hartley’s period.

But, perhaps the most important event which occurred during his principal-ship was the formation of the College Old Boys’ Association, which now boasts of nearly 112 years of service to the school.