JAMBORICH - Gather for tomorrow

Jamboree Badge

Given below is a list of Queen’s Scouts, King’s Scouts, President’s Scouts and Troop leaders of Richmond College since 1915. These names were compiled with available resources and we expect your assistance to get the most accurate information. If  you feel that your name or a name of your friend is not there or if you feel that information below needs and corrections please e-mail us.

King’s Scouts

T.U De Silva
R.H Gunawardene
Willie Wood

E.P. Mendis
P.H. Monis
S. Amarasingha

U. Amarasinga
H. Pascale
L. Wimalasuriya
J.D. Chickera
D.C.H. Gunarathna
E.P. Mendis
W.A. Jayasinghe
L.S.W. De silva