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Jamboree Badge


Jamboree Song

Lyrics: Bandula Nanayakkarawasam

Music: Rohana Weerasinghe

Richmond College is a leading  educational institution in Southern Sri Lanka which has produced alumni  of excellent caliber serving the motherland in various fields since  1876. The legendary, Dr CWW Kannangara who has earned the name as “The  father of free education in Sr Lanka “ is one such personality. Old  Richmondites have excelled in various professions and disciplines.  Richmond alumni are not in short of world renowned scientists, medical  doctors, engineers, educationists, civil servants, members of the  judiciary and prominent artists and sportsmen.

The Old Boys Association of  Richmond College, the RCOBA, has been the backbone of the college for  its success and sustainability over the years. Since its humble  beginning  RCOBA has served as the flagship of the College rendering  yeoman service.

RCOBA is a registered  association under the provisions of Act No 04 of The Parliament of Sri  Lanka and currently has around 6000 members. RCOBA takes immense pride  in joining its hands together with number of  “Umbrella Groups” which  nourish the routs of RCOBA. Among many other umbrella groups, Richmond  Old Scouts Solidarity is a true live wire strengthening the root cause  of RCOBA.

Even prior to Richmond Old  Scouts Solidarity being formulated , Richmond College Old Scouts  functioned qua Association and actively contributed to celebrate land  mark occasions in relation to scouting history of Richmond College.

Proud Richmond Scouts celebrated their Golden Jubilee in 1965, where more than 600 scouts Island wide  participated to grace the occasion where Richmond Scouts turned a new  page in Richmond History by organising their first ever National  Jamboree lighting bright hopes for the future scouting activities at  Richmond.

The journey continued and the  Troop has celebrated 65th Anniversary in the year 1980 where scouts went on to organise its second National Jamboree with the distinguished  participation of more than 700 scouts Island wide.

The Association subsequently  celebrated the Platinum Jubilee of Richmond Scouts with yet another  National Jamboree in 1990 with the enthusiastic participation of more  than 900 Scouts Island wide which led the Richmond Scouts spirit to echo in the four corners of Sri Lanka.

Richmond Old Scouts Solidarity  functions with the respected patronage of Professor Nimal De Silva  (chief Scout Commissioner of Sri Lanka) and Mr T.R Rajawasam ( Special  Scout Commissioner of Sri Lanka) who are also Old Queen’s Scouts molded  by Richmond Scout Troop.

Richmond Scouts Troop celebrates 100 years of official scouting  at Richmond in 2015 and  Richmond Cub  Scouts will be celebrating 100 years of Cub Scouting in 2016.

Since the  Solidarity is at the threshold of celebrating Richmond Scouts  Centennial in 2015, it is investing its strength to organise an  International Jamboree with an expected participation of more than 1000  scouts worldwide.

Mission of the Jamboree

Our mission  is to  celebrate Richmond Scouts and Cub Centenaries in a manner, our  fore fathers who pioneered and natured the Movement over the years at  Richmond could be proud of and to dedicate its success to them for  having guided us to face the challenges in a humane spirit as expected  and defined in the Scout Movement,  actively engage and support young  people in their personal development, empowering them to make a positive contribution to the society.

The Jamboree Flag

The Jamboree Flag

Jamboree Program

21st September - Arrival Day

Registration and Musical Show

22nd September - Opening Day

Opening Ceremony and Cultural Show

23rd September - Girl Guide Day

Activities, arrival of girl guides & arena display
Activities girl guide Forum & closing Ceremony of Girl Guide day
International Night

24th September - Old Scouts and Guides Day

Activities, arrival of old scouts & guides and Rovers friendship game
Camp fire

25th September - Cubs and Kid Scouts Day

Activities, arrival of Cubs & Kids Scouts
Activities closing ceremony of Cubs & Kids  Scout day
Closing Ceremony

26th September - Take Down and Departure Day

Take down and Departure